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Ethics missing in pro sports

SUNDAY, MAY 9, 2010

What is it with professional athletes these days?

My impression is they are supposed to be the premier players in their sport, act accordingly and set a good example for young athletes. I thought they were supposed to act like role models, for kids to look up to and who adults respect. Now, we see hundreds of professional athletes using steroids, showing off, committing crimes, using drugs, etc. We all heard about Tiger Woods, perhaps the best golfer ever, committing adultery.

Less and less we see athletes who are accountable for their actions and who do not do the stupid things previously listed. Where are the Jackie Robinsons, the Roger Staubachs, the Elgin Baylors? Where are the respected athletes who play with true passion, who are humble and honest? I really miss those athletes who are the real, genuine, honest people who deserve the attention and fame.

I pity all the showy, cocky, immoral athletes who believe the sport is all about them. Even though they might have a lot of physical talent, without morals or ethics, they can’t have self-respect, much less respect from the public.

Taylor Hellman



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