May 9, 2010 in Letters

Senator battles for Spokane

The Spokesman-Review

Several years ago, I recall a trip to D.C. where state Sen. Chris Marr and others made the case to our federal representatives for a downtown higher education campus, now called the University District. He brought his leadership and good relationships to help Spokane achieve one of its most major accomplishments in recent history, marrying higher education and health sciences.

In Olympia, among many other things he has done for Spokane, he sponsored the legislation that created the Health Sciences and Services Authority, and just this session worked hard to ensure changes were made to the authorizing legislation that allows the HSSA board to operate more efficiently.

He is moderate, very intelligent and labors hard on Spokane’s behalf. We need Chris Marr in Olympia, fighting for Spokane, especially when the sheer numbers of elected representatives there favor the other side of the state. He listens and he acts. Please, let’s return him to the Washington state Senate.

Susan Ashe


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