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German state vote curtails Merkel

MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010

BERLIN – Voters in Germany’s most populous state dealt Chancellor Angela Merkel a painful setback Sunday, erasing her government’s majority in the upper house of parliament and curbing its power after a stumbling start and criticism over the Greek debt crisis.

Merkel’s center-right alliance was voted out of power in a state election in North Rhine-Westphalia, a region of some 18 million people that includes Cologne and the industrial Ruhr area. It was the first electoral test since she started her second term in October.

Merkel’s conservative Christian Democrats won 34.6 percent of Sunday’s vote, 10 points down from five years ago and their worst showing in the state since World War II, and the Free Democrats 6.7 percent, final results showed.

The coalition, whose makeup mirrors that of the national government, finished well short of a majority in the state legislature.

The main opposition Social Democrats won 34.5 percent and the Greens 12.1 percent. A hard-left rival, the Left Party, won 5.6 percent.

The Social Democrats fell just short of a majority to govern along with the Greens. They could try to form a previously untried alliance with the Left Party or a “grand coalition” with the conservatives.

Merkel will likely have a harder time running Germany without a majority in the upper house, which represents Germany’s 16 states and must approve major legislation.


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