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A one-man campaign to end panhandling at Spokane Valley intersections touched a nerve. Dozens of readers verbally sparred over the issue after Spokesman-Review columnist Doug Clark profiled what he called an affable guy stuck in a lost cause. Find complete coverage of this issue and the full reader debate at

Spokanemama: With the economy, people with education and degrees are finding themselves out of work. For a homeless person, it’s difficult to get hired with no address, transportation or interview clothes.

Sugar Shane: Good luck outlawing panhandling; that pesky First Amendment might give you trouble.

Gramma: There are MANY programs for the homeless and low-income people. … Probably not enough to give them the big screen TVs and cigarettes they want though. Those that you see every day? It’s just their job and they are making big bucks doing it. They are swindlers. It also makes it bad for those that actually do need help.

Zelda Krup: This problem is less about “the plight of the homeless” and more about an organized racket of beggars.

Iceberg72: Well thank GOD for this! Finally! I’ve been desperately searching for a way to justify my selfishness when I walk by those guys and tell them to get a job.

Bumblebeetuna: Sure, panhandlers are annoying. And … they have a constitutional right to be. If you have some extra coin and it makes you happy, give them some money. If you do not like to give out money, then don’t. It’s that simple.

Parasitecontrol: All this is is education so people know where they are giving their money. Have you ever thought that maybe that person you just gave a $5 earns more money than you!? I was once someone who felt that heart’s grab to give but now I am educated. If you want to give, go to a charity. There are places for help; a street corner is not one!

GrapeSoda: Taxpayers fund many programs that help the people in need. There are many charitable organizations that help as well. Imagine if people would donate to those charities instead of giving money to someone who is pretending to be homeless. They would have enough money to really help those in need.

Scoutster: I find people standing at corners asking for money no less obnoxious than billboards or radio ads asking for money. In fact, I’d vote to eliminate billboards long before I’d vote to eliminate panhandlers. If you don’t believe them, don’t give them any money. This isn’t hard.

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