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Try to keep that inside the beltway

Sun., May 16, 2010, midnight

I’m not one to discuss butt-crack sightings usually. Nor is Marianne Love. But when you spot the Mother of All Butt Cracks (or is that the Father of All Butt Cracks?) … it’s hard not to say something. Marianne was swapping motor-home-tour stories with two friends in the produce department of a Sandpoint supermarket when the MOABC burst into view near the lettuce display. Now, we’ve all seen butt cleavage before, especially those who enjoy swimming at City Beach during the summers. But this one was so pronounced that Marianne flirted with the idea of documenting the length and depth of the canyon with her cell phone. Only she couldn’t figure out how the gadget’s photo feature works during the brief window of opportunity among the lettuce, onions and rutabagas. One friend recommended that she discreetly follow the guy around the store, pushing her shopping cart along, until she did sort things out with her camera. But Marianne was afraid she’d give herself away by busting out laughing. Wondered Marianne in her Slight Detour blog: “Do these people have a clue about the reactions that take place all around them whenever and wherever they bend over?” Any plumbers out there who can answer that question?

On Sherman Avenue

Don Sausser is still wondering about that strange sight he saw on Sherman Avenue recently. From his condo above the downtown street, Don spotted (and chronicled with his camera) a teenage boy and a giant, green eraser strolling leisurely along Sherman Avenue, around Independence Point, and finally to the Bonsai Bistro parking lot. The boy and his eraser crossed Sherman at the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce building. Once in the Bonsai lot, the eraser disrobed, revealing a second teen boy, who smashed the paper-and-cardboard suit into the Bonsai Dumpster. Betcha Dr. Seuss never saw something like that on Mulberry Street.


Poetry Corner: No Plato here, nor/Socrates;/send lots of money/quickly, please – The Bard of Sherman Avenue (“A Note from Greece”) … Scanner Traffic: I don’t imagine Mayor Wanda Irish was pleased when she reported to local gendarmes that a “for sale” sign was nailed to the side of Harrison City Hall last Monday … A patrol officer couldn’t figure out why there was so much traffic headed to the Athol area on May 7 until a fellow officer explained via walkie-talkie that Silverwood was opening that weekend. “Oh,” replied the first officer, “I thought someone was handing out $1 bills” … HucksOnline Poll: A whopping 89.6 percent (95 of 106) thought that Judge David Frazier was dead wrong in swallowing that “caffeine psychosis” defense and finding Daniel Nobel innocent of running down two people on the WSU campus. Only six agreed with the judge’s decision … In the “Takes One to Know One” category, excellent Coeur d’Alene Tribe PR-ster Marc Stewart sez this of North Idaho College PR-ster Stacy Hudson: “My advice for any aspiring public relations person about how to write a press release is to talk to Stacy Hudson at North Idaho College. She’s the best” … You can now follow Huckleberries on Facebook and Twitter by clicking on links provided at Huckleberries Online ( hbo).

Parting Shot

Councilwoman Deanna Goodlander reports another surefire sign that a political candidate is in a tough race: yard-sign thefts. While driving towards Harrison recently, she noticed a number of Commissioner Rick Currie’s signs MIA. Deanna: “Having experienced the disappearing sign syndrome myself, I have to say it is frustrating, especially since it is too late to get more signs printed.” There’s some – many? – who’d applaud the pilferer of political yard signs as a person bent on ridding the community of visual pollution. Not me, of course.

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