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Mon., May 17, 2010

A weekly look at reader comments and reactions to the news

Spokane Mayor Mary Verner’s plan to balance next year’s municipal budget with about $10 million in cuts and no tax increases drew predictably mixed reactions last week, particularly with job cuts expected within the city’s police force, fire department and library system. Find complete coverage and the full reader debate at

Daisy Minken: 18.5 police jobs eliminated? How about spending less on new buildings when we don’t need them? That would restore the full police force and keep the neighborhood COPS in business? How about some fiscal responsibility? Spend less? Have her buddies Obama and Gregoire cut some taxes so the larger companies might stick around so there’s more jobs? Nothing else will work. One thing you NEVER do is buy buildings for over $10 million when the proposed shortfalls will be $10-$12 million for each year for the next 3 years.

Scoutster: Yes, Daisy, I’m sure Mary has the influence over Obama and Gregoire you seek. Let’s ask her to tell them to do something about world peace, too. And how about those annoying subscription postcards that fall out of the magazines? Why don’t they do something about that, too? And people who don’t pick up after their dogs. And pollen. Pollen’s a big problem, especially this time of year. Why don’t Obama and Gregoire and Verner do something about pollen, too?

Johnclarke: 2010 Budget – Fire, $29,595,955; of that number 43 fire lieutenants (yes that’s forty-three) costing $4,007,572. Police, $40,394,829; 2 police majors = $288,239; assistant police chief - $155,807. Spokane household median income - $32,273. Per capita income - $18,451. Thanks to everyone that voted for that EMS levy, obviously the Fire Department is underfunded.

Ebyrnes: The dramatic cuts to the city library system are unacceptable. City Hall employs people who are supposed to strengthen the economic development of our city. We should furlough a few of these people who have not performed adequately by any measure, and are not likely to in the near future, before we deny our children the reading and learning opportunities afforded to them by our city library system.

Oneanddone: I’m for businesses paying their share. I don’t think they do. Most of the pain is being suffered by everyday people while local businesses are getting countless tax breaks and paying workers $8/hr. That being said, spending money on the library while laying off cops and firemen is an idiotic philosophy.


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