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Downtown jail least appealing

I would like to expand on Thursday’s article on the public hearing for the new jail site (“Speakers call for programs, not new Spokane County jail”).

To clarify, Greater Spokane Inc. supports construction of a jail with certain considerations addressed. The essence of my testimony was support with certain reservations: most cost-efficient, proximity to Fairchild (i.e., outside the accident potential zone), economic impact to neighbors.

Additionally, we encourage expanded and sustainable programs designed to reduce recidivism and deal with associated social ills that can be corrected accordingly.

The downtown site, due to cost alone but also traffic impact and potentially negative economic impact to neighboring investment, is the least attractive site and would likely not garner support from GSI. Neither of the West Plains sites falls within Fairchild’s accident potential zone so they aren’t excluded by that criterion. However, the gravel pit is within the noise impact area so is somewhat less attractive by that standard, in addition to potential negative economic impact to Northern Quest and surrounding properties, leaving the need for careful deliberation in the final selection with due concerns addressed.

Bill Savitz

Greater Spokane Inc.