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Talent shines at Musicfest Northwest

Mon., May 24, 2010, midnight

Here are more results from the annual Musicfest Northwest competition for young performers (CM denotes Certificate of Merit).

May 10 (additions)

Piano Division

Class 17, Haydn or Mozart Sonata, grade 9: selected for Adjudicators Choice Playoff Section II, Shayla Robinson.

Voice Division:

Class 18.1, Foreign language art song, grades 9-10: CM, silver, Caroline Exarhos.

Class 25, 17th- and 18th- Century Italian, grade 12: CM, silver, Daniel Purcell.

Class 19.2, British and American modern composers, grade 9-10: CM, silver, Caroline Exarhos.

Class 9, Solo, grade 9: CM, silver, Josh Roberts, Holly Tye.

Class 18.2, Foreign language art song, grades 10-12: CM, silver, Allison Steenblik, Kelsey Weddle.

Class 11, Solo, grade 11: CM, gold, Kenzy Rex.

May 11 (additions)

Ballet Division

Class 3, Adjudication, junior A: CM, gold, adjudicators choice, Jennifer Hansen.

Brass Division:

Class 1, Young artist: CM, gold, Sarah Martinson, CM, silver, David Hinkley; CM, Victoria Karschney and Joseph Boucher.

Flute Division

Class 5.2, Solo, grade 12: CM, gold, Hannah Davidson.

Class 4.1, Solo, grade 9: silver, Danielle Burris.

Class 9.2, Solo-sonata, grades 9-10: silver, Meghan Watkins.

Class 4.2, Solo, grade 10: CM, gold, Hannah Hatchell.

Class 7.2, Sonata-concerto, grade 10: CM, gold, Patrick Loyola; silver, Allie Herron.

Class 11, Orchestral excerpts, age 16 and up: CM, gold, Elizabeth Fisher; silver, Desirae Thosath.

Class 16, Open section, grade 9: CM, gold, Elizabeth Lawrence.

May 12

Ballet Division

Class 4, Adjudication, junior B: CM, Taylor Oddino, Rayna Solberg, Madeline Brown.

Class 2, Adjudication, senior: CM, Kelsey Piva.

Class 7, Choreography, young choreographer: CM, adjudicators choice, Elizabeth Mick.

Flute Division

Class 2, Solo, grades 4-5: CM, gold, Kelli Paxton.

Class 3.2, Solo, grade 7: CM, gold, Yarrow Sandberg.

Class 3.3, Solo, grade 8: CM, gold, Naomi Dull.

Class 101, Ensemble, open to grades 5 through college: CM, gold, adjudicators choice, the Four Leaf Clovers (Irish Aire & Jig) (Katie Larson, Ellie Hockett, Ellie Kuuskvere, Patrick Li).

Piano Division

Class 3, Baroque, grade 4: CM, gold, May Qiang; CM, silver, Andrew Flury; CM, Abigail Estrada, Mackenzie Miller, Hunter Moses, Nikita Levitski, Annika Briggs, Stephanie Huang, Samuel Azevedo.

Class 82, Open, grades 4-6: CM, Shannon Gerety, Christa LaVoie, Emma Thackston.

Class 55/56, Impressionist, grade 11-12: CM, gold, selected for Adjudicators Choice Playoff Section IV, P. James McCord; CM, silver, Natasha Black.

Class 15, Bach, grades 11-12: CM, gold, selected for Adjudicators Choice Playoff Section I, Sadie Peterson; CM, silver, Elizabeth Field, Helen Yuan, Jihao Jiang; CM, David Shelley, Hannah Morgan, Hannah Arana, Britta Lavoie, Daniel Carter, Kelsey McQuilkin.

Class 19, Haydn or Mozart sonata, grades 11-12: CM, gold, selected for Adjudicators Choice Playoff Section II, Michael Zhang; CM, silver, Jack Joseph Sandberg, Bryce Fager.

Class 24, Beethoven sonata, grade 12: CM, gold, selected for Adjudicators Choice Playoff Section II, Elizabeth Field; CM, silver, Cameron Nemeth.

Class 28, Classical section, grade 6: CM, gold, Seth Lowman; silver, Anna Munch-Rotolo.

Class 74, Sonatina, grade 7: CM, gold, Gabriella Avakimian; silver, Amber Hewitt, Margaret Klein.

Class 53, Impressionist, grades 7-8: CM, gold, Andrew Chuang; CM, silver, Katie Zorich.

Class 81, Open, grades 1-3: CM, Caroline Dixon, Gus Courchesne, Jasmine Wen, Deanna Dwyer.

Class 27, Classical section, grades 3-4: CM, gold, Justin Cai; CM, silver, Isabella Mesenbrink; CM, Danek Black, Carson Schmidt.

Class 9/10, Baroque, grades 11-12: CM, gold, selected for Adjudicators Choice Playoff Section I, P. James McCord.

Class 40, Romantic, grade 11: CM, gold, selected for Adjudicators Choice Playoff Section III, Michael Zhang; CM, gold, Yihao Jiang; CM, silver, Nuwan Ariyawansa, Scott Strong; silver, Aleksander Black, Dongyang Chen.

Class 103, Ensemble, upper intermediate: CM, gold, Melodie (Adalei Dimmel, Angela Lee); CM, silver, Wright-Arnzen Duo (Kyla Wright, Grady Arnzen).

Class 21, Beethoven sonata, grade 9: CM, gold, selected for Adjudicators Choice Playoff Section II, Adalei Dimmel; CM, silver, Erin Muat, Joe Loftus; CM, Desiree Bernhard.

Class 83, Open, grades 7-8: CM, Gabriel Cocking, Liv Gruber, Katie Kuiper, Emily Barville, Peter Fullmer.

Class 90/91, Concerto, grades 9-12: CM, gold, Jaron Cannon; CM, silver, Teresa Zorich.

Class 102, Ensemble, lower intermediate: CM, gold, the Two M’s (McKenna Susemiehl, Maya LeBar); CM, silver, the Brooke & Katie Duo (Brooke Dethel, Katie Mayfield); CM, Deux Gamine (Anna Nowland, June Phang), Katt & Jazz Duo (Kathryn Merrill, Jazmin Hodge).

Class 4, Baroque, grade 5: CM, Danek Black.

String Division

Class 3, Solo, level 2: CM, gold, Viktor Black; silver, Nguyen Tran.

Class 27, Open, intermediate grades 7-8: CM, Connor Gu.

Class 10, Open concerto, grades 4-6: CM, William Baldwin.

Class 8, Concerto, level 3: CM, gold, adjudicators choice, Sarah Baik; silver, DongGyun Kim.

Voice Division

Class 19.4, British and American modern composers, college and adult: Silver, Jessica Doshier, John Jones.

Class 28, Sacred, college and adult: SiIver, Alexis Meeker.

Class 2, Opera aria, young Aaria, ages 18-24: CM, gold, Daniel Craig; CM, silver, MacKenzie Covington.

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