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More than 10 percent of America’s homeowners were behind in their mortgage payments during the first three months of this year, which analysts describe as a new record high and another troubling sign that the housing crisis continues to drag on the economy. Many readers found it unsurprising but differed sharply over how to view the latest indicator. Find complete coverage and the full reader debate at

Remymartin: Every day that goes by without giving real tax cuts to employers and individuals is another day that we extend this mess. … The government needs to do their job, like secure our borders, not bail everybody out and then tax the crap out of us and wonder why the economy is stuck in neutral.

Sugar Shane: Sorry Remy you only need to look as far as the Bush administration for the economy’s woes. It has nothing to do with immigration or bailouts. The two wars we are fighting cost about 5 billion a week. Spokanecommunistparty: You’ll need a job if you wanna pay for your house. Too bad they all went to China. Now that we owe China, we can’t get our jobs back from them. I don’t think Shopko or Zip Trip pays enough to make a house payment.

Daisy Minken: And all along, I thought Obama was going to pay every one’s mortgages off! Cars too! Free gas! Everything a wonderful savior would do for his adoring fans! Wake up! Government won’t save you. Government shouldn’t save you. YOU should get educated, work hard and be smart so you can succeed. America offers opportunity – nothing else.

Nslopeofw: Time to quit drinking the Kool-Aid, and start taking responsibility for putting that do-nothing socialist in power. You gave him a chance, he has failed, now it’s time for some reality. We can only pay for things that we have money for. And, the amount he has spent in his 1.5 years leaves nothing but MASSIVE debt. Bush budget 2008 – $3.1T; Obama budget 2009 – $3.6T; Obama budget 2010 – $3.8T. Quit blaming Bush. Your candidate is far outspending GW.

JBlim: Nslope you wrote: “Bush budget 2008-$3.1T; Obama budget 2009-$3.6T; Obama budget 2010-$3.8T.” Doesn’t that mean Bush was 3.1, 3.6 or 86 % socialist?

Lazer_Gun: Wow, you guys are pathetic! Bush blah blah blah. Obama blah socialist blah blah blah. Bush spent a lot of cash and Obama is doing the same. How can an article about mortgage delinquencies turn into such a big argument? Now I see why we’re not going anywhere! Just sit back and watch the fireworks.

Misjustice: Not only did boy george get us into 2 wars, he borrowed the freakin’ money from China to pay for them; and kept the wars off budget. Talk about economic mismanagement!


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