Youths vie for top spots at Musicfest Northwest

Here are more results from the annual Musicfest Northwest competition for young performers (CM denotes Certificate of Merit).

May 13

Piano Division

Class 58, Contemporary, grades 1-3: CM, Nicola Brzezny, Janet Phang, Camryn Cooper, Abby Hansen, Oleg Lukin, Jenae Nettles.

Class 12, Bach, grade 7: CM, gold, Sydney Schlect; CM, silver, Benjamin Azevedo; CM, Aleece Cazan.

Class 81, Open, grades 1-3: CM, Ellie Lint, Helen Gao, Owen Lint, Austin Huang, Alice Yates.

Class 26, Classical section, grades 1-3: CM, Kelsey Ellenz, Sabrina Wang, Madison Pelland, Rosie Zhou, Sara Pederson, Moonsung Jung, Isabella Kamprath.

Class 71, Sonatina, grade 4: CM, gold, Rachel Schlect; CM, silver, Isaac Montgomery; CM, Camryn Hawes, Morgan Yamane.

Class 35, Romantic, grade 6: CM, gold, Alex Choe; CM, silver, Kennadi Hawes, Kennedy Salonen; CM, Nancy Fu, James Baird, Emma Thackston, Hannah Norton, Nicholas Neale, William Fisher.

Class 73, Sonatina, grade 6: CM, gold, Juyun Phang; CM, silver, Grace Chung; CM, Alina Haroldsen.

Class 76, Original composition, grades 1-3: CM, Anna Wirthlin.

Class 62, Contemporary, grade 7: Silver, Amber Hewitt.

Class 2, Baroque, grades 1-3: CM, Isabella Kamprath, Jessica Schueller, Lori Feng.

Class 77, Original composition, grades 4-6: CM, gold, Sadie Holdaway.

Class 88/89, Concerto, grades 3-8: CM, gold, Katie Zorich; CM, silver, Luke Irvine, Val Wold.

Class 33, Romantic, grades 1-3: CM, Lucy Yan, Jessica Schueller.

Class 6, Baroque, grades 7-8: CM, gold, David Yuan; CM, silver, Alex Zhu; CM, Hannah Dierdorff, Johnmark McCord, Gabriel Soileau.

Adjudicators Choice Section I (Classes 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15): P. James McCord.

Adjudicators Choice Section II (Classes 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 30, 31): Jaron Cannon.

Adjudicators Choice Section III (Classes 38, 39, 40, 41, 44, 45, 50, 51): Michael Zhang.

Adjudicators Choice Section IV (Classes 54, 55, 56, 64, 65, 66, 67): Jim-Isaac Chua.

String Division

Class 26, Open, intermediate grades 4-6: CM, Toby Dudenhofer, Satoka Abo, Esther Goodner, Madison Vanderwall.

Class 22, Open, elementary through grade 3: CM, Janet Phang.

Class 102, Chamber music, grades 9-12: CM, Go for Baroque (Ryan Jacobsen, Philip Keeve).

Class 17, Unaccompanied Bach, open: CM, Timothy Angel, Jihyun Kang.

Voice Division

Class 10, Solo, grade 10: CM, gold, Keith Meline; silver, Brenna Feeney.

Class 5, Light opera/operetta aria, grades 11-12: CM, gold, Michelle Perrier.

Class 102, Ensemble, grades 9-12: Silver, Tye Girls (Holly Tye, Mallory Tye), Muscovites (Elizabeth Brown, Edmund Brown).

Class 12, Solo, grade 12: CM, gold, Rob St. Claire.

May 14

Piano Division

Class 43, Chopin, grades 7-8: CM, gold, Justin Chua; CM, silver, Alex Zhu, Michael McCord; CM, Alyssa Stockdill, Anna Flury.

Class 13, Bach, grade 8: CM, gold, Natalie Williams; CM, silver, Katie Mayfield.

Class 69, Sonata, grade 7: CM, gold, Val Wold; CM, silver, Justin Chua; CM, Anna Thompson, Pingbo Zhou.

Class 5, Baroque, grade 6: CM, gold, Kennadi Hawes; CM, silver, Anna Munch-Rotolo; CM, Alexander Moses, Annika Tangvald, Sawyer Colvin.

Class 37, Romantic, grade 8: CM, gold, Stephanie Her; CM, silver, Priyanka Muhunthan.

Class 83, Open, grades 7-8: CM, Brendan Hagerty, Dallin Olson, Abigail Yates, Natalie Williams.

Class 81, Open, grades 1-3: CM, Noah Bauer, Rebecca Tran, Krista Terry, Lucas Houck, Coryn Whiteley, Gracelyn Stensland.

Class 4, Baroque, grade 5: CM, gold, Isabella Mesenbrink; CM, silver, Lily Thornton.

Class 70, Sonata, grade 8: CM, gold, Lauren Dvorak; CM, silver, Micahel McCord, Andrew Chuang; CM, Priyanka Muhunthan, David Yuan, Ariel Mesenbrink.

Class 49, Schumann, grades 7-8: CM, gold, David Kush; CM, silver, Ford Call; CM, Johnmark McCord, Spencer Shuman, Seraphina Kamprath.

Class 82, Open, grades 4-6: Ruth Call, Peter Donegan, Clare Estrada, Kendall Ferguson, Josie Paulson, Valeria Aizen, McKenna Susemiehl.

Class 36, Romantic, grade 7: CM, gold, Gabriella Avakimian, Sydney Schlect; silver, Margaret Klein.

Class 78, Original composition, grades 7-9: CM, gold, Gabriel Soileau, Emily Barville; CM, silver, Acea Sands, Amber Hewitt.

Class 85, Open, grades 11-12: CM, Jack Joseph Sandberg.

Class 63, Contemporary, grade 8: CM, gold, Gabriel Soileau; CM, silver, Ariel Mesenbrink; CM, David Yuan.

Class 101, Ensemble, elementary: CM, gold, Farley-Chaves Duo (Anne Farley, Erin Chaves); Silver, Dueling Sisters (Ashley Ellenz, Kelsey Ellenz), NBA Trio (Nicholas Neale, Laurel Behrend, Goldie Kesson).

Tony Castillo Memorial Scholarship Award: Regan Siglin, Gabe Jensen.

String Division

Class 3, Solo, level 2: CM, gold, Koushik Dutta; silver, Rachel O’Connor.

Class 6, Concerto, level 1: CM, gold, Danek Black; silver, Casey Baik.

Class 14, Open concerto, college: CM, Yiran Huang.

Class 13, Open concerto, grades 11-12: CM, Michael Mortier.

Class 15, Concert works, concert piece: CM, Ryan Jacobsen.

Voice Division

Class 7, Solo, grade 7: Silver, Edmund Brown, Natalya Ferch.

Class 6, Light opera/operetta aria, Ccollege and adult: Silver, Alexis Meeker, Cynthia Bauder.

Class 8, Solo, grade 8: CM, gold, Venessa Vega; silver, Madisyn Lybbert.

Adjudicators Choice: Kenzy Rex.

Sister Marietta Coyle Vocal Studies Award: Alexis Meeker.

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