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Applause was treason

As reported by Fox News May 20, “Mexican President Felipe Calderon ripped Arizona’s new law clamping down on illegal immigrants while in front of Congress. Afterward the Democrats and White House officials rose to their feet to cheer.”

Can you imagine the leader of a foreign nation who, as a guest of any country, insults their laws, people and culture and gets a standing ovation? Those who did so are traitors. They insulted every American. These are elected representatives, paid by our tax dollars, who claim they do the will of the people.

Whether you think Arizona is wrong or not, California has the same type of law that gives law enforcement authority to determine if a foreign national of any country has the legal right to be in this country (Penal Code 834b).

Is Washington outraged with California? Oh, that’s right, California is a leftist state. Democrats give the leftists a pass.

The federal law is very similar, yet the feds will not enforce it. On Nov. 2, 2010, every American must show the traitors (Democrat party) that not only do we want them out of office, we want them prosecuted. Please contact your elected officials about this disgrace.

Patrick Bonner

Spirit Lake