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Piazza fans should’ve caught that

Not only has Rich Piazza hit 427 less home runs, knocked in 1,335 less RBIs, and played in 1,912 less games than former star catcher Mike Piazza, but he’s never been named to a Major League Baseball all-star game. But that didn’t stop emcee Andy Finney from introducing the Kootenai County commissioner as “Mike Piazza.” Now, you have to make allowances for Andy’s mistake. After all, the commissioner was also listed as “Mike Piazza” in the recent program honoring Father George Rassley at Holy Family Catholic School for his many years of service to his faith and the local community. Some 200 to 250 Catholic faithful attended the event. Councilman John Bruning, subbing for ailing Mayor Sandi Bloem, announced that a men’s homeless and warming shelter will be named in Rassley’s honor. Piazza, Rich not Mike, had a good chuckle re: the mixup.

We’ve been ‘signed’

Tami Martinez, manager of Dan Green’s successful campaign to unseat Commissioner Piazza, tells Huckleberries she may have discovered why so many of her candidate’s signs disappeared in the closing days of the primary campaign. Seems “signing” is a current phenomenon among high school kids. Signing? It’s like TP-ing a place. Youths steal a bunch of political signs and then post them all on a designated lawn. A half-dozen boys from Coeur d’Alene High confessed to “signing” Green’s signs and told a friend of Tami’s where the signs were. The Green campaign retrieved a couple dozen of them. Quoth Tami: “So there doesn’t seem to be foul play from opponents … instead, mischievous high school boys with nothing to do in the evening … mystery solved? Maybe.”


When Dustin Hurst, the Idaho Reporter online scribe who attended NIC, asked for advice on the day before his wedding earlier this month, a sadder-but-wiser Berry Picker responded: “Just say, ‘Yes dear,’ as often as possible.” Hey, it’s worked for me for the last 35 years … During primary election night, my police scanner squawked that a male at a Fourth Street residence had eaten a mushroom from his yard and “now believes he’s hallucinating.” I’m sure more than one unseated Republican incumbent wished he’d shared his ’shroom that night … Here’s a HucksOnline poll that hurt a bit: A simple majority of 50 percent plus one (129 of 257 respondents) said Sarah Palin was right during her recent Boise visit when she called the media “lamestream” … By 56 percent to 35 percent, Berry Pickers said Avista is too heavy-handed and quick in turning off power to consumers in arrears. This, after John Hough of the Roosevelt Inn was taken into custody after threatening an Avista worker about to shut off his juice … From newsroom buddy Alison Boggs: Do you know how many Repub primary candidates for Kootenai County commissioner have a wife named Linda? (Linda Green, Linda Fillios, and Linda Ratigan) … The Daily Beast made a list of the most polluted communities in the country – and guess who placed third? Kellogg? Nope. Smelterville? Nope. How about St. Maries? Now, there’s a list you’d want to take a pass on …

Parting shot

Carrie Kralicek encountered a life situation that you won’t find in a parents’ manual. She explained the scenario on Facebook: “Your kid comes home from a concert telling you so-and-so was not allowed in the concert because she couldn’t pass security’s tests for being drunk. Would you inform the parents of this 15-to-16 years old?” Carrie added: “If it was my kid, I would hope to be informed. Drinking and driving kills.” Every one of my Berry Pickers agreed that Carrie should tell the parents of the wayward girl about her condition at the concert. Bingo.

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