Thief of park eggshells likely climbed fence at playground

THURSDAY, NOV. 4, 2010

Two eagle eggshells in Spokane Valley’s popular new Discovery Playground were stolen last week and a third was damaged in an attempt to remove it.

The eggshells, located on a raised walkway above the climbing wall, were much loved by small children who liked to climb inside. The theft and damage were discovered Oct. 24, when park staff did a routine check of the playground, which is now closed for the season. The park is surrounded by a fence, but it is only about waist high. It appears that the thieves climbed over the fence, according to a city of Spokane Valley press release.

Anyone with information about the thieves or where the eggshells are now is asked to call Crime Check at (509) 456-2233.

The theft is the first significant damage in the park, which opened in May. It was designed for children of all abilities and was heavily used. It closed in October so staff could repair damage caused by heavy use.

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