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The Slice: You’ve got an hour; don’t waste it

Fri., Nov. 5, 2010

Let’s get right to it.

Today’s Slice question: How are you going to use the hour we gain this weekend?

A) Drafting a “No Politics” pledge to be sent to everyone who will be coming to your place for Thanksgiving. B) Talking about the meaningful relationships you had with Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues about 40 years ago. C) Raking leaves while humming movie soundtracks.

D) Putting your MAD magazine collection up for sale on eBay. E) Challenging your housemates to a lively round of YouTube “Name That Tune.” F) Preparing invitations to the SS Edmund Fitzgerald commemoration you are planning for Wednesday.

G) “In Treatment” marathon. H) Noting this date in history by watching the movie “Shampoo.” I) Going online and looking at pictures of 1960s Pontiacs, National Lampoon covers and logos of defunct minor-league hockey teams.

J) Deleting e-mail. K) Planning the Washington statehood party you will be hosting Thursday. L) Writing a thank-you note to someone who needs to know you don’t take him or her for granted.

M) Listening to archived “Fresh Air” interviews while shredding old financial statements. N) Making a list of long-gone local restaurants. O) Perfecting your impressions of Dennis Patchin, Dick Kunkel and Anne Kirkpatrick.

P) Saying a prayer of thanks for the fact that you didn’t lose an eye when blowing up model airplanes with firecrackers. Q) Seeing who can name the greatest number of Idaho’s counties. R) Asking people who say “the S-word” when referring to snow if they are being forced at gunpoint to live in the North.

S) Putting your Spokane Metro magazine collection on eBay. T) Rereading one of your “Calvin & Hobbes” books and planning snowmen. U) Talking to the neighbor kid about building a backyard ice rink.

V) E-mailing people who have “Spokane” as their last name and asking how they pronounce it. W) Photocopying everything you carry in your wallet. X) Debating the relative merits of cowboy hats vs. ballcaps.

Y) Going for a walk and naming bygone brands of beer. Z) Other.

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