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Sun., Nov. 7, 2010

Clean energy for Idaho

While it’s still fresh in our minds, let’s recall the campaign promises we heard to transform Idaho into a forward-thinking, clean/alternative energy state and remind the governor that allowing Southeast Idaho Energy to push forward plans for a coal plant that will convert coal to fertilizer and liquid fuel (a very dirty process, with a very large carbon footprint) is not the way to set an example for other states to follow and is certainly not a plan for “clean and alternative energy.” Far from it.

Located just six miles southwest of American Falls, the Power County coal plant, and its pollution, will be very near the Snake River, a tributary of the Columbia River. Ironically, Idaho has an abundant source of geothermal wells and springs almost anywhere along the margins of the Snake River plain. Perhaps the coal industry just has more money to throw at candidates of their choosing, and once elected, more influence?

For anyone who might care, I suggest you write, call or e-mail your governor. We have a natural source of energy, and an opportunity to be innovators; why let it pass us by?

Tom Keenan

Coeur d’Alene

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