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Compliments for deputies

Now that the elections are over, win or lose, I would like to compliment some of the deputy sheriffs that really helped me out during the miserable month of September at my business north of Mead. On many occasions, I either called or neighbors called about screaming in the night or drugs or both. Deputies Reed and Liljenberg among others on many occasions helped to defuse the problems that we all faced and in a super professional way.

I have learned that drugs, especially meth, are terrible and a complete waste of people’s lives, and that we are supposed to help and assist those that chose this form of lifestyle. After a month of this stuff, I have found I no longer have much sympathy for anyone on drugs.

I want to publicly thank all the officers that assisted me and our neighbors during this trying time. I found that each time, the officers really didn’t know what they were stepping into when they arrived at the scene, but the ones that showed were great!

Nathan Narrance



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