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Sun., Nov. 7, 2010

Get what you pay for

The house is burning, and no one wants to pay to put it out. Recently in Tennessee, a family lost their home because they refused to pay the fire tax, so when the fire department showed up they told them they were sorry, but would not help.

The citizens of Washington recently told the Legislature that they were unwilling to pay taxes for services by voting against an initiative on candy, pop and bottled water. Citizens have decried big government and wasteful spending.

I say shame on you and look in the mirror. What part of candy, pop or water is necessary? As I drive to work every morning, I see numerous cars lined up willing to pay $4 for a coffee. This is what we spend our money on? We as a community have to step away from the not-me attitude and look at what we should do.

Whenever there is a problem like the economy, poor school performance or crime, citizens look to affix blame and point the finger, but not look in the mirror. When your house is burning, don’t blame the fire department for not getting there fast enough. You get what you pay for.

Tim Heffernan


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