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Money isn’t the remedy

Dora-Fay Hendricks wrote she doesn’t understand why voters rejected initiatives “that would have helped fund educational and social help for our kids.” Here’s the answer: We’re spending significantly more money than ever before on education and social programs. Yet, as she says, “We are falling behind other countries in education.”

Many of us think the problem is not the amount of money being spent, but how it is being spent. Throwing more money at these problems without changing the way we do things is foolish.

The supporters of these various programs always emphatically state they “only cost cents on the dollar.” Well, it all adds up to a significant tax bill. My property tax bill is over $7,000 a year. How much more do you think I should pay? Do you really think I’m selfish for not wanting to pay more for failed programs or the pipe dreams of someone trying to create their version of utopia?

No, Dora-Fay, we are not turning our backs on our kids. We’re turning our backs on parasitic politicians and well-intentioned, but misguided, unelected and unaccountable do-gooders with insatiable appetites for other people’s hard-earned money.

Mike Gross



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