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City priorities askew

Alarm bells were going off in my head at Monday night’s City Council meeting when it was announced that the city is considering closing the East Central neighborhood library due to “budget cuts.” A speaker representing the library workers union got up to explain to Councilwoman Nancy McLaughlin that she and her allies are very reluctant to bypass their scheduled cost of living salary, or COLA, raises next year that could be as high as 5 percent.

WHAT? The “at risk” kids in one of the poorest areas of our city are going to be denied access via their bicycles to a library and its computers after school? Frankly, it is time to go to war against some unions who don’t care about Spokane’s bankrupt business, job losses and the kids they are disenfranchising.

I am totally in solidarity with Democrat Louise Chadez who begged for this library to be kept open. No more COLA increases until our city’s budget is balanced and our businesses are back on their feet! Do not close our libraries!

Cindy Zapotocky

Chairman, Spokane County Republican Party Spokane


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