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Huskies whine again

Sometimes the actions of the Washington sports programs make me embarrassed to be a Washington citizen.

A perfect example is found in the comments made by UW athletic director Scott Woodward last week. Rather than take responsibility for the horrible condition of UW athletics during the past few years, Woodward childishly engages in name-calling and finger-pointing.

As in past years, when Gonzaga trounced UW basketball year after year and coach Lorenzo Romar and the UW A.D. decided to cancel the series between the schools – not for the truthful reason that they were embarrassed, because Gonzaga had won eight out of the last nine meetings, but rather because they wanted the opportunity to schedule “better competition” – this week Woodward states that University of Oregon athletic growth has come at the expense of academic standing.

Gee, Woodward, why can’t you just admit that their program is better than yours and that they trounced your team again? UW athletics again comes across publicly as a jealous, vindictive little boy who just can’t admit that someone is better than they are and work to fix the problem instead of engaging in name-calling.

Grow up and take responsibility rather than always trying to undercut the other guy.

Marie Palachuk



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