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Important circuits

Sun., Nov. 14, 2010, midnight

I appreciated G. Mark Neufville’s letter in the Sunday, Oct. 24, Spokesman-Review, “Fans like violence.” Mr. Neufville addressed the NFL’s concern regarding “increased concussions suffered by players this past Sunday.”

A number of years ago my son, Jimmy, told me he wanted get into boxing.

I asked him why, and he said he liked the sport and he also wanted to learn how to defend himself. We discussed that part of boxing involved attempting to pummel one’s opponent’s brain (the executive organ in the body) to the point of brain-damaged unconsciousness with permanent and life-altering aftereffects.

I told Jimmy I would permit his involvement in this “sport” if he also agreed to duct tape his iPod and cell phone to his boxing helmet. His retort was along the line, “That’s dumb. When they get hit that will screw up the circuits.” “You’re right,” I replied, and asked which circuits were most important to him – the ones that need to last him a lifetime, or the ones we can replace at a department store?

Later, when he wanted to become seriously involved in football, I replied, “I’m OK with this as long as you tape your iPod and cell phone to your helmet.” “OK, I got it,” he replied.

Note: Jimmy’s maternal-great-great- aunt Lizzie Fisher lived to the age of 113. Both his maternal great-great- grandmothers, Lilly Burghard, and Emma Laib, lived until age 96. Jimmy’s planning on making it to age 130 with existing “circuits” intact.

Jim Mahoney



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