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From our archives, 100 years ago

Police arrested a local traveling salesman for murdering his wife in their “leaky shack” near Harrison, Idaho – despite an alleged suicide note in which she said she was “tired of living in this cold, sinful world.”

Several details didn’t fit, including the “disposition of the body,” the husband’s suspicious behavior the morning of the death, and the discovery that he had been courting another woman.

The couple’s 18-year-old son told police that he and his father woke up early the morning of the death. His father told him not to bother his mother because she was unwell. The husband and son started to walk to Harrison, but the father said he forgot his pocketbook and went back to get it. He later caught up with his son.

When the son parted with his father at the Harrison train station, the father told him his “mother was sick and might need his help and that he was further told not to let any dogs in the house.”

The son went back and found his mother dead.

The father, in a jailhouse interview, said he had nothing to do with her death and that the matter of the other woman had been settled months earlier “between my wife, myself and my God.”

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