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Undo budget add-ons

It is interesting to see all the posturing going on about our state budget and where cuts should be made or taxes increased. I think the voters were clear that we want spending cut and no increase in taxes.

The state budget has gone from approximately $45 billion in 2000 to $74-plus billion in 2010. That is a 60-plus percent increase. That far exceeds inflation and population growth. This information came from

The Legislature added lots of spending when times were good and had no way to pay for it if the economy slowed or declined. They mortgage our future and can only pay for it with large tax increases.

I have a simple solution to cutting the budgets. Instead of across-the-board cuts or cutting programs that we really need, I would cut spending in the added programs or those programs that got big spending increases from 2000 to 2010 that caused a nonsustainable budget.

The Legislature keeps telling us they have made huge cuts but in reality our spending has increased every year. The same can not be said for private business.

Wayne Lythgoe



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