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Unite to save America

The recent election was just the necessary first step of a work in progress. We must maintain our focus on electing people who will reduce the size and cost of government. The incompetence and inefficiency of a large government, along with the entitlement attitude, is threatening our country.

This shouldn’t be a partisan issue. The burden of excessive government spending and debt inhibits the private-sector growth and jobs and impedes our competitive position in world trade.

We have examples of reckless financial policy since the decline of the Roman Empire until today, with protests and doubts about solvency in several European countries.

It is the result of the failure of government oversight along with greed by some financial/mortgage organizations. Many people should be sent to prison, fined and lose their jobs; instead, some were bailed out and some re-elected.

The government is engaged in generational theft. The price of gold and other commodities are rapidly increasing and the dollar is being devalued and inflation is occurring. This week the government is printing $600 billion, contrary to the advice of many.

America must act quickly. We need smart, practical and tough leadership that doesn’t pander to special-interest money.

David Hamer



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