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Thu., Nov. 18, 2010

Voters seeing the light

In her latest toxic letter to the editor, prior to the election, liberal Joan Harman stumped for Patty Murray, the “soccer mom” turned socialist.

To review, Harman is a longtime advocate for every morally bankrupt, liberal cause to come down the pike.

Murray, of course, is a not-too-bright, pro-abortion, socialist dupe who’s one of Obama’s most responsive puppets.

The NRA has given Patty a grade of F, as she’s one of the worst anti-gun extremists in Congress. Conversely, Dino Rossi received a grade of A from the NRA. But, most liberals seem to be as clueless about the Second Amendment as they are about liberty.

Speaking of socialism, it’s tragic that Washington state, owned and operated by West Side lefties, is almost as socialist as my native state, the “People’s Republic of California.”

But, there’s hope. The Republican landslide shows that American people chose to “just say no” to socialist tyranny.

Curtis E. Stone


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