November 19, 2010 in Letters, Opinion

Let there be lights


In his Nov. 14 column, “Lighten down, people,” Doug Clark labeled people with a term called “premature illumination.” He called people “bozos” because they “put up their outdoor Christmas lights and decorations TOO DAMNED EARLY!!!” He then called people “miscreants,” followed by: “Without strict holiday celebration rules, a nation will descend into chaos.”

Finally, he condones the act of vandalism, stating that people should respond by creeping “into these lit-up yards and … Pulling the plugs!”

Clark should ask WHY they do it. Here is just a sample of those WHYs: We enjoy the season; a commitment made to a loved one who is in harm’s way halfway around the world; remembering a loved one who has passed on, and wanting to spread a little bit of joy in troubling times. For me, all of the above applies.

On the vandalism aspect, Clark is asking people to commit a crime which could have terrible consequences in the end. Look at what happened in Elk recently. All in all, the Review and Clark should be held accountable for all damages that may result. I know because The Spokesman did an article on our outside display, and it resulted in over $1,500 worth stolen.

Bob Lowe


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