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The Slice: Friday nights: Lights out for Mr. Cool

Do me a favor.

If you ever ask me what I thought of a certain movie or TV show, be sure to specify. Was this something I might have watched on a Friday night?

If so, there’s a good chance my answer will be somewhat equivocal. You see, one feature of my Friday night viewing pattern is that I tend to fall asleep before the conclusion of the show. That makes it hard to offer an informed opinion.

“Um, I really wasn’t sure what to make of the ending.”

Yes, I know this admission really makes me sound like a happening man-about-town. Fortunately, I live in a city where there is a real-life tolerance for not being cool all the time.

Let’s hear it for Spokane.

Admittedly, though, nodding off makes me a less than ideal viewing companion. But I’m told I have redeeming qualities.

A few years ago, I wrote about people who build up sleep deficits over the course of the work week and then experience a Friday night swoon. Well, that’s me.

So I have to be ready.

“What did you think of ‘Rochelle, Rochelle’?”

“Well, I liked the way it started.”

Or … “Did you finally get around to watching ‘Prognosis Negative’?”

“Sort of.”

Asked and answered: I asked a reader who works in law enforcement in Spokane to explain the law as it pertains to dogs riding in the backs of pickups.

His answer: “Dogs have to be secured in the bed of the truck.”

It would appear that this isn’t an enforcement priority.

Warm-up question: Why are people who mock the idea of being concerned about pets seemingly incapable of grasping that caring about voiceless animals is not synonymous with having no regard for at-risk children or other vulnerable members of society? Whether it’s in response to public outcry about a high-profile cruelty case or in reaction to discussion of spending a few bucks on people-caused animal control problems, these folks seem mystified that some of us don’t want dogs and cats treated like garbage.

Today’s Slice question: Do the Steam Plant smokestacks remind you of rugby goal posts?

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