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Sat., Nov. 20, 2010, midnight

Anger level maddening

When you ask one political party a question, and they answer blue, then you ask the other party the same question, and they answer tricycle, you don’t really have any basis for a conversation.

When half the country turns off the evening news because of some childish name-calling, lamestream media, and the Clinton news network, we have no common ground on which to communicate.

You might think the conservatives would be happy after the recent election, that letters and opinions would be positive and uplifting. Unfortunately, conservatives are never happy, even when they controlled the entire Congress, the presidency, and the Supreme Court for six years. Rush Limbaugh still found something to complain about, every single day. It’s almost like he gets paid to make people unhappy.

Our airways are clogged with hatred and despair. Perhaps some of this perpetual anger is spilling out into the streets; maybe this is why we have so many recent shootings.

E. C. Guise


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