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GOP offers gas free pass

You couldn’t ask for a more perfect illustration of why the Republican agenda is not good for Americans than the “Elections delight natural gas drillers” article of Nov. 14.

Companies exploiting the Marcelles Shale natural gas deposit are thrilled that, under Republicans, safety and health regulations will be easily avoided. Is this what you voted for – the gutting of safety and health regulations that protect American workers and their families?

I’ve seen videos of families in that area igniting their tap water with a match. Do you think a fair share of the profits from this exploitation will go to the workers or further enrich energy companies?

Yes, we absolutely should develop amazing resources such as this but in an environmentally sound manner with effective regulations for the benefit of all involved – not for the benefit, once again, of corporations at the expense of the health of people and the environment. They will sacrifice us either through environmental degradation or shredded social safety nets or something else in favor of corporations every time.

People, please wake up before it’s too late.

Teri Maurice


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