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Time for grown-ups to step in

Should we give up trying to work together politically? William Slusher’s letter (Nov. 11) advises us so. He says the sides are just too different, our various views in this country are irreconcilable and it is Pollyannish to assume that this civilization can survive without fighting, and presumably having one party or view win and take all.

Our Founding Fathers would take umbrage at this view. The Constitution itself was created out of two distinctly different plans sometimes called The Great Compromise. Yes, there were distinct differences, but there was also a will and a vision for the country that united the participants. The vision was not about “winning” in the sense of making oneself or one’s side right or important. The vision was about framing the best constitution for this country.

Working together is not easy. The easy road is the route that young children take – grabbing their toy and going home, maybe with a slug and a shout at their playmate or sibling. It happens because, developmentally, children are not ready for the adult task of negotiation, compromise and maintaining a vision.

We are not children, and there is a great need in this country for politicians, media and citizens all to stop behaving in this way.

J.G. Sugg


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