November 20, 2010 in Letters, Opinion

Water oversight a bargain


For the past two years our Idaho government has cut surface water quality monitoring from its budget. The Department of Environmental Quality, which has the duty to protect Idaho waters for its citizens, is asking Gov. Otter to include $350,000 in his budget to support a water quality monitoring program. Times are tough and budgets are tight, but at a rate of 30 cents per Idahoan per year this request is a taxpayer bargain for a public service that is necessary to ensure our health and quality of life while preventing more costly recoveries in the future.

When we bought our home in Hayden 30 years ago we drew clean domestic water directly from Hayden Lake. Over the years, the quality has deteriorated to the point that it is unhealthy to drink and nutrients are propagating weed growth, infiltrating our once pristine waters. The DEQ has been instrumental in slowing this process of deterioration by providing vital information used to develop strategies supporting clean water for our health and enjoyment.

The DEQ needs this budgetary support to help us preserve and protect our valuable water resources. Please encourage Gov. Otter and our legislators to fund this vitally important program.

Ken and Lorene Frank


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