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Idaho County approves new guns after shooting

WEDNESDAY, NOV. 24, 2010, 9:02 A.M.

GRANGEVILLE, Idaho — Idaho County commissioners have approved spending $13,400 to replace weapons carried by sheriff’s deputies that were confiscated as part of an investigation involving a fatal shooting last week.

The Lewiston Tribune reports Chief Deputy Jim Gorges told the commissioners Tuesday that the investigation by the Idaho State Police is expected to be finished in 60 days, but could take as long as a year.

But he said the weapons could be out of service for as long as 10 years if litigation is involved, and that they must be available for an appeals process.

He said county officers buy their own guns, and that all four officers involved in the shooting were carrying a handgun and a rifle.

He said the sheriff’s office has a limited arsenal to replace the weapons.

Deputy Fred Carey was shot in the abdomen and ankle and 47-year-old Curtis Scrivner was killed Nov. 18 in a shootout east of Riggins. Sheriff Doug Giddings said Carey was expected to be able to return home this week.

Gorges said Deputy Stan Denham was using a specialized sniper rifle when he fired the shot that killed Scrivner, who was wanted in Colorado.

“Without it we could still be on a manhunt today,” Gorges said. “I don’t know anybody else who could have made that shot.”

Giddings said Denham’s shooting skills likely saved the life of at least one other deputy beside Carey, as other officers heard bullets flying past their heads.

Gorges said that when the guns are returned, they will go into the sheriff’s office inventory.

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