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Do more with less

Gary Crooks’ article “Do more, more or less” (Nov. 14) was more sad than funny. If he thinks that the government can’t do quite a few things right now with less he is just kidding himself. I have been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and have gone into some businesses where after we found where people were wasting time and resources and we were able to do more with less.

 In one instance, we reduced our staff by 38 percent and increased our productivity by 14 percent by paying our employees by their output, not just a salary. The best employees rose to the top and the poor performers weeded themselves out. If we could adopt this in our government jobs we would have fewer government workers producing better results.

Hey, Gary, go down and get a permit, go to a DMV or try to get a straight answer when calling any tax agency on a ruling, and if you think we are getting our money’s worth I’ll eat my hat.

Mark Anderson

Liberty Lake


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