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Sun., Nov. 28, 2010

Grateful for Verner

When Mary Verner took over the reins as mayor of Spokane, she inherited a city with a historically depressed economy. Our No. 1 export is our children. I was infuriated to read an article about the mayor in Spokane’s only weekly publication.

The litanies of allegations that she is invisible are completely unfounded. For the last eight years, I have had the honor to work closely with my pal Doug Clark for Spokane Street Music Week. Mayor Verner has not only given a proclamation to help us feed the hungry, she and some of her family have participated in this event. I have interviewed the mayor for the television show “Steppin’ Out Spokane” at events such as the opening of Comstock Pool, the honoring of veterans and the honoring of historical women.

The mayor has quite publicly made it known that the richness of our city is in its people. The streets aren’t paved with gold, but under her watch they are paved. Mary Verner is making Spokane a better place for our kids to come back to. I am grateful that our mayor is an intelligent woman with a heart.

Everything is invisible if your eyes are closed.

Jim Lyons


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