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Sun., Nov. 28, 2010

Stop airport harassment

I am glad to see people rebelling against what I consider hysterical harassment of people at the airports trying to take commercial flights.

I went into the Army directly out of high school during World War II to fight for our free and open society as promised us by our Constitution. I also spent 1951 as a lieutenant in an infantry division in Korea during the police action there. Then, I also spent nearly three years in Vietnam, between January 1959 (before we had troops stationed there) and December 1972 when the U.S. pulled its forces out.

Now I find to fly commercially I have to abandon what I consider our Constitution promised in the Fourth, Fifth and Ninth amendments.

Researching terrorist casualties on the Internet, I found no one in the U.S. has died from terrorism since the Sept. 11 attack in 2001, yet more than 30,000 people are killed on the roads of this country yearly. Yet we are all free to expose ourselves to this road travel with minimum restrictions by our federal government. Something seems wrong with the whole setup.

John R. Gaines


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