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Support H.R. 6416

Will the 2010 election be the beginning of restoring American liberty, solvency and sovereignty, or will it be déjà vu all over again?

Judging by the Republican “Pledge to America,” it’ll be up to those who desire the former to be constantly vigilant and forcibly active to prevent the latter.

For all the preamble’s references to the Constitution, there is little in the document following it. The promise to protect, but monitor Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid is neither sustainable nor constitutional.

On policing the world, the document is silent, which is contrary to America’s first 100 years of noninterventionism. It omits mentioning the unconstitutional Federal Reserve, which has successfully destroyed 97 percent of the dollar’s value since its dubious creation. The rhetoric about repealing Obamacare quickly dies, as it promises to replace it with something else.

Knowing this, if we apathetically allow Newt and Co. to run the show, expect another “Contract with America” and its broken promises. Now isn’t the time for a “summer soldier” but instead the “winter patriot” demanding Congress actually uphold the document that each member swears to protect.

Congress needs to start by supporting H.R. 6416 – the American Traveler Dignity Act of 2010 reining in the TSA.

Steven C. Neill

Spokane Valley


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