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Sun., Nov. 28, 2010

Uphold personal duty

I reviewed the Nov. 18 letter of Mr. Anderlik. Not knowing his age or life experience, it is difficult to determine credibility to speak. The rhetoric is familiar, however.

It is often proffered by the liberals as if someone owed them a living or that the only function of government is to make sure parents perform their duties to their families. What happened to individual responsibility and self-determination?

Am I responsible for animal shelters? Is it not the obligation of those who have children to do what is honest and legal, not offending any of the laws of God or man, to promote the general welfare of their own families?

My wife and I raised our children, forgoing items of comfort for many years to bring them up with the proper priorities of God, family and country. Perhaps Mr. Anderlik missed those lessons in school, church or at home. Maybe something happened in his life that makes him believe he is entitled to special treatment.

“Socioeconomic justice” is not a function of government. This country was founded on individual responsibility and self-determination, and I, for one, still believe in those principles and would have it no other way.

Mike Beyer


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