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Tue., Nov. 30, 2010

Whining Americans

Americans! Whining about body scans versus intrusive pat-downs. Not exactly the choice some have between capitulating to occupying, murderous U.S. forces and mercenaries versus having U.S. drone missiles slaughter hundreds of their civilians.

Seems Americans can’t connect personal privacy concerns to the conduct of U.S. foreign policy. Cowardly U.S. drone attacks in multiple countries; U.S.-backed coups in Latin America; 737 military facilities worldwide; U.S. blackmail regarding debt service; awarding Israel $3 billion in taxpayer-financed fighter jets (really to preposition weaponry to attack Iran) in exchange for a 90-day halt to settlement building.

The U.S. – the modern-day Holy Roman Empire – has ever fewer friends, mostly a global ruling class. Every day fewer here and abroad are willing to accept the lies justifying its aggressions, crimes and resource wars.

Now, faced with multitrillion-dollar costs for all this, a class war is under way featuring the destruction of programs for children, retired, elderly, poor, disabled and the middle class.

Americans! Whining about consequences of government misuse of tax dollars for war, corporations and the wealthy, rather than organizing and mobilizing in their common self-interest. And before the usual crowd condemns and threatens me, Google “Marine General Smedley Butler - War is a Racket.”

David A. Brookbank Jr.

Spokane Valley

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