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Improve dropout rates

High school completion is essential for all students. No single action will improve the current completion rate. While schools are often cited as the cause of dropouts, effective teachers make a huge contribution to student success. We also know that personal, family and societal actions play a significant role in strong school completion rates. Spokane has many successful students as a result, but the high school completion rate still needs to improve.

Proposition 1 is a citizen-based set of incentives for community-based organizations to come alongside families and the school system with sustained resources. This process will encourage productive youth activities in the out-of-school hours, starting in middle school. School budgets are squeezed and are focused on the instructional day. With only 20 percent of students’ waking hours each year in school, community and family investments in out-of-school time opportunities for youth will strengthen school-based efforts to improve completion rates.

Proposition 1 is a community-based effort to support families and schools to accomplish a desirable goal. It is a new, important action. More talking and planning simply won’t make the difference that can be achieved by Proposition 1. Please vote yes.

Brian Benzel



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