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Sold on studless tires

After reading Chic Burge’s letter to the editor on studded tires (Sept. 29), I just had to comment.

With our skiing family I have driven tens of thousands of winter miles, mostly on studs. Four years ago I bought a set of studless winter tires for my front-wheel- drive car. I was completely surprised.

On tough icy days, when studs should be far superior, I find that they are at least as good as studs; on regular winter days of snow, slush, wet and dry pavement, they have much better grip and control than studs.

Now all the cars in our family have four winter studless tires in the winter. It’s not a question of what’s best for the pavement or children vs. money (as Mr. Burge indicates); it’s a question of what’s the best and safest tire for winter driving.

The technology of today’s studless winter tires has surpassed the old technology of studs. I encourage everyone to try a set; even skeptics will be pleasantly surprised.

Bill Brooks



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