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Huckleberries: Sign means money in her pocket

SUNDAY, OCT. 10, 2010

There’s a funny story behind that Northwest Boulevard billboard that Ron Nilson/Robert Ketchum leased in their bid for election to the North Idaho College Board of Trustees. Seems the ad exec for the Lamar Outdoor account happens to be none other than … (drum roll, please) … Dave Wood, husband of NIC Trustee Christie Wood. Christie is running for re-election against Ketchum Nov. 2. She confirmed the rumor about her husband’s involvement in the billboard lease. Christie told Huckleberries: “It was secured for the KTEC (Kootenai Technical Education Campus) levy in August, and (KTEC promoter) Nilson must have also secured it through November, knowing he was going to run for office. Imagine my surprise when I learned my husband sold a billboard to my opponent? But he cannot play favorites so it is what it is. I planned ahead a year ago and secured a much better location (on Northwest Boulevard) than they did. I kind of like it that part of the dollars they spent on their billboard will end up in my wallet. Thanks boys!” Tongue firmly cheeked, Christie noted that her billboard was at the northern entrance to NIC while her opponents’ advertisement stands near the state liquor store.

Mary speaks out

It didn’t take long for fuming Mary Souza to go on the attack after Judge Charles Hosack issued his ruling that validated incumbent Mike Kennedy’s victory – by 3 votes instead of 5 – in the 2009 City Council election. In her blog, Mary claimed she would have been shocked – shocked, I tell you – if Hosack had ruled in favor of her man, Jim Brannon. Then, she began the zany connect-the-dots that she and others on her blog are famous for. With Hosack in her keyboard cross-hairs, Mary explained that the judge was compromised because he has deep roots in the community. In fact, she huffed, he is a member of the Tubbs Hill association with Kennedy attorney Scott Reed. He lives on Sanders Beach. He’s “good buddies” with city and county elected officials. And worst of all? Sez Mary: “He is known as a Democrat.” (That’s a hanging charge right there in bright-red Kootenai County, if I ever heard one.) Mary has never been the same since Kennedy whipped her in a three-way council race a few years back. But you’d think she’d be circumspect in view of the fact that her accomplice in blog craziness, Bill McCrory, will face the same Judge Hosack this week on a contempt charge, springing from this case.


CNN has the word straight from the horse’s, er, donkey’s mouth about that GOP scare tactic that “a vote for Walt Minnick is a vote for Nancy Pelosi.” CNN reporter Gloria Bolger reports: When I asked (Pelosi) about Rep. Walt Minnick of Idaho, who told CNN that he hasn’t yet decided if he would back Pelosi as speaker, her response was instantaneous. “Go for it,” she said. “Just win your election. I just want them to win. It’s their election. It’s not about me.” … I was surprised that Fred Phelps & his Westboro Baptist Church protesters from Topeka, Kan., plan to picket Moody Bible Institute in Spokane during their hate trip through the Inland Northwest Oct. 21-22. The reason they gave on their Web site? “WBC will picket the Moody Bible Institute to preach some truth to these so-called future ministers of the Word who in reality are just false prophets.” Hey, I know some of those “false prophets.” They’re pretty good guys otherwise … Hucks Online poll: By 54 percent to 44 percent, my blog readers say they’re not concerned that Congressman Walt Minnick might vote for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi again, if he’s re-elected Nov. 2.

Parting shot

After waiting for two weeks plus for a decision from Judge Charles Hosack in the Jim Brannon election case, County Clerk Dan English suggested last Tuesday morning on my blog that we adopt the Roman Catholic system for choosing popes – you know, white smoke from the courthouse means a decision has been reached. Black smoke means more waiting. It seems appropriate since both defendant Mike Kennedy and Brannon are Roman Catholics. They attend St. Pius X Catholic Church in CdA. Later Tuesday, Kennedy learned of the outcome of the trial when he read this headline on Huckleberries Online: “Verdict In, Kennedy Prevails.” Which, I’m sure he’d say, was even better than white smoke.

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