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The Slice: Part science, part show and tell

Sun., Oct. 10, 2010

A friend asked her 7-year-old son to name his favorite subject at school.

“Gonzaga girls,” he said.

Unusual curriculum for a grade school.

Well, it turns out GU students have been coming to that kid’s classroom to help with science experiments and other learning endeavors. And he is a big fan of these Zags.

But his class isn’t really studying the young women. Not in an academic sense, at least.

Firewood King of the Inland Northwest: A Slice reader currently residing in the Ferry County Jail made a good case that the title should go to Andy Becklin, 60, who lives outside Republic.

Pre-holiday reader challenge: What Inland Northwest place name sounds best when substituted for the Ohio city in the following song lyric from “Goodbye, Columbus,” a tune by The Association produced for the 1969 movie version of Philip Roth’s novel of the same name.

Hello life, goodbye Columbus.

I’ll go first.

Hello life, goodbye Chewelah.

Hello life, goodbye Rosalia.

Your turn.

The Slice invites you to show off: Who around here has visited the most Civil War sites? Yours truly has been to Shiloh National Military Park in Tennessee, Vicksburg National Military Park in Mississippi and the site of the St. Albans Raid in Vermont. But many would scoff at that puny list. So have at it.

Sweet: Holly Bickford’s young grandson was served chicken fried steak. It came with a generous topping of white gravy. That prompted the boy to exclaim, “Oh good, frosting!”

Label yourself: When it comes to leaves and pine needles in the yards in your neighborhood, you are…

A) A major importer. B) A net exporter. C) Expecting to come out about even. D) Glad I live in an apartment. E) Other.

Warm-up question: What are the pros and cons of watching home improvement shows on TV?

Today’s Slice question: What’s it like to belong to a loose-knit group or subculture that more or less despises the institution that employs you?

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