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Tue., Oct. 12, 2010

Can you say ‘no’?

Cut taxes, cut spending – cut services. Less tax revenue and less spending equals fewer services.

Complicating this situation is the overabundance of required spending programs. Groups of every description have already assured themselves of continued funding by convincing legislators, whose only priority is re-election, to pass laws or put in place regulations that assure ongoing funding. If my special interest gets more, yours must get less, because the supply is finite. It’s a blank check on taxpayers.

Finger-pointing and blaming won’t fix this situation. “Me first” is not working. Any tax cut reduces revenue. Any budget cut reduces services somewhere.

Candidates for election have told us we can expect more and more. We cannot. Until we figure out that all of us share the responsibility to make things better, we are doomed to more of this same mess.

We voters must convince those we elect that we expect responsible governance and leadership. They have to say “No!” (and not just to each other!) even when it means that their next opponent for election can use that in a sound bite. We must force them to understand that we do not expect government to take care of everything for everyone.

Robert Crabb


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