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In brief: Rescue capsule almost there

TUESDAY, OCT. 12, 2010

COPIAPO, Chile – In a test run Monday, engineers succeeded in lowering a rescue capsule almost all the way down the 2,000-foot hole through which rescuers plan to pull 33 trapped miners, perhaps starting late today or early Wednesday, government officials said.

Chile’s mining minister, Laurence Golborne, told reporters the team preparing to save the miners trapped since Aug. 5 had earlier finished the job of partially lining the uppermost part of the hole with metal tubing to guard against cave-ins.

“It was a very promising test,” Golborne said. “The video camera that was inside the capsule to survey the hole found no irregularities of the walls.”

Museum teaches horror of hate

MEXICO CITY – A new museum is bringing the lessons of the Holocaust and its grim cousins to generations of Mexicans.

The five-story glass and concrete building inaugurated Monday beside Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department takes visitors through chilling displays on the Nazi Holocaust and how it was seen from Mexico, then continues through other horrors, including the slaughters of Armenians, Tutsis and Sudanese.

It moves to the very borders of Mexico as well: the 36-year civil war in Guatemala, where government forces exterminated scores of Mayan Indian villages during a bloodbath that cost some 200,000 lives and drove thousands of refugees into Mexico.

“It’s important as a nation to be very vigilant about any act of exclusion,” said President Felipe Calderon during the inauguration. “We have not overcome discrimination, which affects many groups of society.”

Mother accused of trying to sell girl

KIEV, Ukraine – Ukrainian police have detained a woman suspected of trying to sell her 2-year-old daughter to human organ traffickers, the Interfax news agency reported Monday.

The woman, 28, was described as an unemployed resident of the village of Uspenovka.

Police had evidence she intended to sell the toddler to the traffickers for $12,600.

The baby girl was now “safe, healthy, and in the custody of a regional hospital.”


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