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Jim Kershner’s This day in history

Thu., Oct. 14, 2010

From our archives, 50 years ago

A Spokane man noticed a bulge in the asphalt in a parking lot next to his tavern, the Six-Nineteen Tavern, 619 S. Washington St. Every day the bulge grew bigger. The tavern owner tried stomping it down. It still grew bigger.

Then one day, it burst through the blacktop. It was a large bog mushroom.

“Made quite a hole,” said the tavern owner, posing for a photo next to the mushroom.

He decided not to harvest it for dinner since it bore a resemblance to a mushroom nicknamed “The Destroying Angel.”

From the Bardot beat: The Spokesman-Review’s movie reviewer wasn’t impressed with the new Brigitte Bardot movie at the State Theater, “Come Dance With Me.”

The movie included a character who was a female impersonator. It also included what he called other “off-beat types,” the kind “who are blind to her (Bardot’s) attractions.”

He said the movie was “attempting to give a vicarious thrill to a segment of the public which may have been considered ‘beyond the pale’ by less enterprising producers.”

Also on this date

(From the Associated Press)

1947: Air Force test pilot Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier as he flew an experimental rocket plane over Muroc Dry Lake in California.

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