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Sun., Oct. 17, 2010

From our archives, 100 years ago

A strange and ultimately tragic love story emerged from Wenatchee in 1910.

Earlier in the week, a young Wenatchee woman had been admitted to the hospital with serious wounds to her chest and lungs after she had shot herself, pining over a sweetheart who had refused to marry her.

In her suicide note, she said “life had become unbearable without him.” She implied that she and her sweetheart had made a suicide pact, but he had backed out of that, too.

The prosecuting attorney and the sheriff talked to the man, 28, and “advised” him to marry her – this being a time when men could be sued for breach of promise.

So that day, a wedding ceremony was performed in the hospital, complete with a “wedding feast” arranged by the hospital’s matron. The bride’s health and spirits immediately improved – she was “supremely happy” – and doctors predicted her full recovery within a week. Her new husband had seemed to “enjoy himself” during the wedding and feast, too.

Two days later – while she was still in the hospital – her new husband was found dead. He had shot himself in the heart.

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