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Dorothy Dean

Reader memories: Nobody compares to Dorothy Dean

Wed., Oct. 20, 2010

Here’s what some longtime fans have to say:

‘My cookbook is well worn with multiple spills and dog-eared pages – evidence of many years of use and good eating.” – Charlene Janson, Spokane

‘Dorothy was a pioneer in the ‘buy local,’ ‘slow cooking’ crazes long before it was fashionable, featuring local produce, game and methods for making dishes that were economical, easy to prepare and used readily available local ingredients.” – Susan Havey, Spokane

‘I have been offered all sorts of money for the whole collection that I have and people still call me and ask me what I’m going do with them. Of course, I have just one daughter and she wants them, but I won’t give them up until my demise.” – Margaret Williams, Spokane

‘Who could imagine that we in Spokane were lucky enough to have a number to call, tell of our cooking despair and they would put together ideas to help us out – at no charge? No way! I used to tell my story to other brides and reassure them somebody out there was willing to go to bat for us and would bail us out along on this new housewife pathway.” – Carlene Vester Eneroth, Spokane

‘When I am fresh out of ideas, I still refer to her recipes.” – Karen Richards, Spokane

‘When I married in 1956, the only thing I could cook was fudge. A cookbook was a necessity and shortly I obtained my Dorothy Dean cookbook which I continue to rely onto this day.” – Benita Mason, Spokane

‘When my family grew older I began cooking on cruise ships and fishing vessels all over the world. Dorothy Dean was the first to be packed in my sea bag. On one cruise, the passengers commented that my cooking was superior to the French Riviera. A little time and effort can turn a Dorothy Dean recipe into something magnificent.” – Nancy Lokke, Spokane

‘We wouldn’t of become the great cooks we are today without Dorothy Dean. Hats off to Dorothy.” – Lana Smith Myers, Liberty Lake, and Sharon Smith Anderson, Spokane

‘Over the years, I have received many group cookbooks with recipes from the Dorothy Dean collection. People say they are their own recipes, but I know better …” – Beulah Johnston, St. Maries

‘The most special part of (my favorite Dorothy Dean recipe) is the memories it evokes when I make it. It is a treat I only make when my girls are home visiting. The dessert takes us back on a trip down memory lane each time we enjoy it. I am very thankful for this recipe and all the fond memories it has provided.” – Gayle Foote, Spokane

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