October 20, 2010 in Letters, Opinion

Nothing to kid about


Times are tougher than a beefsteak between the horns. Jobs are harder to find than Amelia Earhart.

New taxes are as welcome as the county buying a racetrack. That has not stopped the taxmongers like Don Barbieri and group to try and bleed through Proposition 1 Children’s Investment Fund more money from your wallets and purses. Their attempt to buffalo the public ranks No. 1 in this election.

Open your peepers and view this deception. Trying to raise 5 million bucks to help small children in their quest to not become high school dropouts is absurd and untruthful.

Their campaign says it’s for the kids. Nonsense! Young adults leave high school today early to pursue jobs, are not happy with the curriculum, social atmosphere, and move into society’s adult world where they belong. Also, an 11-person board to direct this $5 million creates another layer of government that circumvents the school district’s management and plans created through the current tax levy.

A no vote will help those in need today. I am appalled that this issue is even on the ballot. Scuttle it with your vote and make this a November we should remember.

Jock Swanstrom

Spokane Valley

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