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The Slice: Definitely a feat to crow about

Thu., Oct. 21, 2010

If you need convincing that crows are smart, just talk to Keri Yirak.

The other day, she was watching a squirrel in her backyard. A crow was watching, too.

The rodent had acquired some peanuts and was burying them. Eventually, it finished and bounded away.

The crow took this as its cue to swoop down and harvest the nuts.

So maybe, months from now, the squirrel will revisit that spot and think, “I could have sworn I stashed some legumes here.”

Meantime, it’s tempting to wonder if there are larcenous Spokane crows with information regarding the whereabouts of certain TV remotes.

Slice answer: “I would nominate Waikiki Road as the most out of place street name,” wrote Curt Olsen.

Sign of the season: High school teacher Staci Barden knows dry/itchy skin time has arrived when even the boys in her classes start helping themselves to the Pear Berry and Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion stashed in her desk.

Naming the GPS voice, continued: In Jenny Loughery’s family, they call it Patsy.

“We all talk to her and reassure her when we go off course – to get gas, et cetera – that it will be OK.”

It can be a little confusing, though, when Jenny’s mother, Pat, rides with them. She was called Patsy as a child.

And when she hears her grandkids saying, “Chill out, Patsy!” it takes a moment to register that they are addressing the GPS system.

What marketers apparently consider to be the most pressing need of Americans your age:

“Cremation services,” said Gary Polser.

“Longer, thicker, darker eyelashes,” said Rosemary Pearson.

“Undergarments that make you feel ‘confident,’ ” said Sandi Babcock.

“Electric scooters,” said Victor Franklin.

“Male enhancement,” said Sybil Gray.

“Sex, sex, sex!” said Anita Thomason.

“Depends,” said Lou Sachse.

Today’s Slice question: What neighborhood is the site of the most stuffed-animal carnage? (Plush toys left outside in rain and snow, teddy bears abandoned in the street, et cetera.)

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