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The Slice: Serving of stove-top huffing?

Fri., Oct. 22, 2010

Your attitudes about sex, money, the arts, public policy and Gonzaga basketball count for something.

But the way you really find out what kind of person you are is by examining your behavior when someone else in your home has left the oven on. Same goes for your reaction to someone leaving on a stove-top burner.

So which is your personality profile?

Zero-tolerance scold: You loudly note that the stove has been left on, employing hostile tones that are an unmistakable assault on the guilty party’s human dignity and an indictment of his or her basic competence.

Gleeful pouncer: You delight in discovering that a burner has been left on. You are positively giddy when you set off with a wagging finger in search of the individual responsible for this oversight.

Self-proclaimed hero: Upon turning off the unattended burner, you loudly launch into a litany of all the disasters that could have ensued if not for your diligence and selfless family-saving alertness.

Low-key grown-up: Recognizing that you yourself have left the stove on a time or two, you switch it off without making a big production of it. “Turning the stove off,” you announce in calm tones, so the forgetful person won’t suddenly remember it half an hour later and be alarmed.

Stealth safety net: When you notice that someone has left the oven on after removing the heated food, you simply turn it off and move on.

Today’s Slice question: How do you react when someone says “Don’t let me forget to …”?

A) Don’t really react at all because it goes in one ear and out the other. B) Immediately feel the crushing burden of responsibility. C) Tend to suggest that a better system might be to write it down on a daily schedule or some prominent place. D) By saying, “How am I supposed to remember that? I can’t even remember where I put the car keys.” E) Recognize that the person saying that isn’t really expecting you to remember but is just hoping that uttering it aloud will help him or her not forget. F) Other.

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